Commercial and Industrial
Snow and Ice Management

Snow Management

Coastal Snow and Ice management services are some of the best in the industry. With decades of experience from the CEO to our Field Managers, we provide top quality snow removal in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts and areas of New York. We specialize in small and large commercial properties varying from banks, restaurants, to large multi-acre commerical business. Throughout our service area we provide snow and ice removal services to some of the largest name corporations and businesses in America with our portfolio ever-expanding. Some of the reason our company is the best choice for all your critical snow and ice management needs:

-We have the equipment and staff to provide curb to curb snow and ice management services to any size property.
-Our work is self-performed, which means no hassle of dealing with anyone other than our team.
-We carry the highest insurance to provide our clients with peace of mind.
-Our Safety history is unmatched.
-We have the elite skills and knowledge of the snow industry to provide unparalelled services to your property.
-Our management team has cutting edge work tracking software to look in realtime to ensure services are 100% satisfactory.

Snow Relocation & Removal

When heavy winter events, designated snow stock pile areas may overflow into undesired locations of your property. Our team is equipped with the tools and equipment to relocate the snow piles to a different designated location on site, or remove the snow pile off your property to our removal site.

Ice Management

One of the most dangerous aspects of a winter event is the ice. Our team is an industry leader in ice management services, through research and training we have the knowledge and capacity to eliminate the dangers of ice from your property with liquid and granular options and ensure the safety of you and all your patrons and customers.


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